Tourist Information Desk

Accommodation info, city maps, prices, directions, everything that a tourist needs when he/she gets to a new city,  the Tourist Information Desk is the place to ask.

Whatever city your in(touristic city, capital), you can find a Tourist Information Desk in the train station, the airport or the touristic center.

Just look for the sign with the letter “i“.

If you’re planning a travel adventure that includes visiting a few places, surely you don’t want to be limited or conditioned  by some hostel bookings.  Maybe you don’t have a fix itinerary.  For example, after two days in Prague, you realize you haven’t had time to see everything you wanted.  So you can decide to stay another day or two.   This would be complicated if you have  a booking in Bratislava for the next night and another booking in Budapest after 3 days…

And where to go after Prague?  Kraków or Bratislava?  IT’S UP TO YOU!

Either way, you know you’ll  find a Tourist Information Desk with good accommodation offers, maps and everything.

Important notice:   The Tourist Information opening time is somewhere between 08.30/09.00 to 19.30/20.00 .   So, if you’re too late or too early(especially if you travel by train) a laptop would come in handy. You can always go online and find accommodation. Free WiFi at any McDonald’s  or KFC.

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