The Great Market Hall in Budapest

The Great Market Hall, built around 1896, is the biggest and most impressive indoor market in Budapest. It is located right off the Liberty Bridge, on the Pest side.

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Inside you will find fresh fruits and vegetables, all kind of meats, wines and spirits, traditional sausages, salami and a large variety of spices and pickles.
You will also find some rare spices like saffron and also truffles.

On the first floor, you can also find some authentic souvenirs or have a traditional Hungarian snack, like the lángos(a deep-fried Hungarian pastry) or some hot sausages and cold beer.

The Great Market Hall should be a market for both locals and tourists, but nowadays you’ll see there mainly tourists. It is reasonable priced but even so, I’m guessing its more expensive than other ordinary markets.
I personally revisited the Great Market Hall for the spices(I’m crazy about spices). And I was not disappointed. They have a large variety of red paprika, chilly sauce and pickled paprika.

Even if you’re in Budapest for a few days, the Great Market Hall is definitely a must see.


  • The Great Market Hall, like all other markets in Budapest are closed on Sundays.
  • Usually, the market it’s pretty crowded so be aware of pickpockets.

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