Greece in July

I just ran over a website that says : “The peak holiday season in Greece is from early July to the end of August, when temperatures are higher“.

In my experience, in this period the temperatures are actually too high!  In July, the temperatures are most of the times over 40degrees Celsius(on the south islands even 45degrees). It can get very unpleasant to spend a few days in this kind of heat(let’s say your accommodation does not have an air conditioning).

Actually, in July and August you can find the best vacation deals( in resorts like Paralia Katerini ), mainly because the accommodation  does not have air conditioning.

Last year I was in Athens, Greece  around the 10 of May, and the temperature was already close to 30degrees Celsius if not higher. Even at night it was very very hot. The friend we stayed at did not have any air conditioning so it was kind of difficult to catch some sleep.

The weather was  perfect for going to the beach. We actually caught some good tan in just two days.  The only downside for this period of the year is that the sea water is not that warm.

My advice here is to avoid the month of July and beginning of August  for your summer vacation in Greece. In my opinion, the perfect “summer” weather in Greece is between 20 of May – 30June  and 15August – 10Sept.

But if you happen to find a great deal for a vacation in Greece in July, be sure that your accommodation has air conditioning! You will need it.

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  1. Iulian says:

    I was in Greece last year, in May, it was 35 degrees outside, my advice is to travel Greece between 20 April and 15 June..
    Great travel advice Geo! Thanks for all!

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