Visit Budapest in 2 days

The first stop of my  “InterRail adventure” was Budapest, the capital of Hungary.  An amazing city.

We got off the train(  Keleti train station ), we went to the “Tourist Information” desk and booked for two nights at Hungaria GuestHouse hostel, just a few blocks from the train station.  It was the perfect hostel: clean, quiet, friendly staff and only 12.5 Euros per night.

Two days are barely enough to see Budapest.  To get the best experience here’s my Budapest Sightseeing Guide:

  • start with a  stroll along the Danube embankment;
  • walk over at least three bridges across the Danube;
  • cross the Chain Bridge to Adam Clark Square , take the Castle Hill Funicular and visit the Royal Castle(Buda Castle);
  • climb the Gellért Hill to the Citadella and enjoy the view(available down both directions of the Danube);
  • after many hours of sightseeing, stop somewhere in the historical downtown and try a good Hungarian beer;
  • visit the most beautiful public buildings: the House of Parliament, St. Stephen’s Basilica, Hungarian National Museum;
  • stroll along  Andrássy Avenue and stop to rest when you get to Heroes’ Square;
  • if your hungry, you absolutely must try the famous Hungarian goulash;
  • if your tired, on your way back to the hostel, travel with the metro under the Danube;

Me and my friend managed to do all this in just two days.  22 and 23 October 2006. 

Go and discover Budapest. Be amazed by the greatness of it’s buildings and their extraordinary architecture.

An interesting fact is that in those few days, in Budapest were a series of anti-government protests. On the streets were hundreds of demonstrators. We passed by a few groups, but they were all peaceful. We even took some pictures…

This photo was taken in front of the House of Parliament, during a protest.

Here’s few Budapest photos from our trip.

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