Visit Amsterdam in 7 hours

I landed in Amsterdam, Schiphol airport at 7.50 A.M.

Flying to Amsterdam with KLM

This was my first flight ever, Bucharest – Amsterdam, with the KLM company.  I was on my way to Shanghai.  But my next flight was at 15.45, so I had about 6-7 hours to kill.

I decided to try to visit Amsterdam. I was hopping at least to have a walk on the red light district.

So, I went to a Tourist Information desk to ask some information.

What you need to know:

  • You can get from Schiphol airport to the touristic center of the city by train.
  • Every 15minutes a train is leaving for the Centraal Station.
  • You can buy train tickets from the ticket machines in front of the airport train station.
  • The ticket was 6.40Euro(to the center and back).
  • From the airport you can get to the center in just 25 minutes.
  • At the Tourist Information desk you can buy a map of the city for  2Euro.

I bought a map, I bought the train ticket and  in 30 minutest I was in the center of Amsterdam.

Centraal Station - Central train station in Amsterdam

During my short walk in Amsterdam this is what I’d noticed:

– There are a lot of bicycles.

– You can buy a cannabis lollipop with only 1 Euro.

-You can smell weed almost everywhere.

In Netherlands prostitution is legal. So is consuming drugs such as marijuana, cannabis and all kinds of mushrooms.  I hope i will come back next year and stay at least a week in Amsterdam(to visit the landmarks) … There are a lot of things to do that are legal only there.

In Amsterdam you can find the famous red light district.  I couldn’t really see much, because at 11A.M.  everything is closed.

The Redlight District in Amsterdam

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