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As I was saying in my previous post, I visited Greece last year, with a few of my friends. It was a short and an unplanned trip. We decided over night to go and visit a good friend of ours that lives in Athens, we gathered a few friends, jumped in the cars and left. We were nine people and two cars.

It was the perfect context for an awesome travel adventure.  Too bad we could only stay for 3days.

The distance between our city and Athens is 2000km. It’s a long way to drive. We were lucky to have four drivers(two for each car). Our route was: Iasi(Romania) – Bucharest  – Sofia(Bulgaria) – Thessaloniki – Athens  and back.  From Bucharest to Thessaloniki it’s a 12hours drive. If you enter/pass through Bulgaria by car, you need to purchase a vignette(valid for 2-3days). The cost is 5Euros(the actual vignette) plus 1Euro extra tax for something else(this I didn’t understand what for). Roads in Bulgaria are pretty bad( from Sofia towards Greece is a lot better though – they were building a highway at that time). If you happen to pass through Bulgaria, be sure to keep an eye out for the police – they are just crazy. They stay in the bushes  with the hand-held speed detector.  It is really hard not to get a fine in this country.  We were lucky enough to get burned only once.  The fine was(2007) 10Euros. They’re really slick … they tell you the fine is 10Euros without any receipt, or 20Euros with receipt … Nice, right?

In Greece the roads are excellent, lots of lanes. Entering Thessaloniki:

Unfortunately, we only stopped in Thessaloniki for a coffee and to take a few pictures. There is much traffic and it’s very hard to find a parking place.  We drove around for 30minutes to find a parking spot. We finally stopped somewhere near the White Tower, the city’s landmark. At that time we didn’t know this, so the photos are not so great, they’re actually taken from the car,  but I hope you will be knowing about the White Tower when you will next visit Thessaloniki and stop there and take better photos :).

The White Tower:

The coffee place(on Niki’s Avenue):

Niki’s Avenue(central seafront of Thessaloniki):

I found out after that trip that there are a lot of important historical monuments and landmarks of Thessaloniki that we had mist or  we hadn’t realized their importance. Few of them are: Aristotelous Square, The Rotunda of St. George, The OTE Tower, The statue of Alexander the Great. But I guess that’s what happens when you travel with no planning, right? In fact, our purpose was just to have fun and not to see stuff so … no problems,  I’ll visit these monuments next time.

From Thessaloniki to Athens are about 500 kilometers(5hours drive). Straight highway. I forgot to mention, Greece has no roads tax(vignette), you only pay if you want to take the highway.   From Thessaloniki to Athens the price was, last year, somewhere between 6 and 7 Euros(not too much).

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  1. Iulian says:

    I have looked at all your pictures – it looks beautiful!
    Great post!

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