The crowded squares of Prague

The perfect place to chill – Bohemian style!

Prague has some of the most crowded squares I’ve ever seen. This city is packed with tourists 12 months a year. By far, the busiest of them all is the Old Town Square.

Here’s my recipe for a relaxing afternoon in Prague:

  • Get a few good beers from a local supermarket. All recipes in the Czech Republic include beer 🙂
  • Go to the Old Town Square
  • Find a spot with a view and sit down. It can be anywhere
  • Open up a beer. Don’t worry, the law permits drinking beer on the street. Probably why the word’s number one beer drinkers are the Czechs.

And enjoy.  You’ll be instantly captivated by the life and motion of the square.  Street performers, photographers, horses, Segways, umbrellas, bicycles and lots of faces.

The Bohemian style fits…

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