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Only recently I’ve started taking tours. I had some boring experiences in the past and I’ve ended up considering guided tours just a waste of time and money.

But last year, in Madrid, everything changed. We’ve found Sandeman’s New Europe Tours by browsing TripAdvisor and, based on the great reviews, we decided to take a tour with them.

We didn’t have high expectations but surprise … not even 10minutes have passed and we were completely hooked. Paula, our guide, was so charismatic and full of energy the entire time. She had a great knowledge of Spanish history and a fun way of telling the stories, mixing facts and myths. She is the reason why I will always remember the story of the statue of Felipe III, located in Plaza Mayor, Madrid.

I need to say that it was a free tour but we’ve loved it so much that the next evening we took the Sandeman’s “Tapas Tour”, not for free this time, a tour that included a few beers and tapas in two or three tapas bars. Again, it was lot’s of fun.

These guys are the best at doing walking tours. I don’t know how Sandeman’s finds these guides, but all have the same qualities:

  • enthusiastic;
  • charismatic;
  • fun;
  • polite;
  • solid history knowledge;
  • perfect English speakers;
  • not necessarily natives.

After Madrid, we’ve decided that every new city we’ll visit, to start with a Sandeman’s walking tour. Last one we did was in Prague this October.

Check Sandeman’s homepage to find out in what cities you can find them and more.

Travel Tip: Sandeman’s or not… if you’re visiting a new city, try to start with a walking tour(the free walking tours are the best).

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2 Responses to Sandeman’s New Europe Walking Tours

  1. Kenny Wong says:

    Hi Sanderman walking tour;
    We ‘re interested in the free walking tours in Athens for oct.19/2013 or 20th oct.
    Pls.let us know of the times and places to meet the English speaking guide in Athens. We enjoyed the free tour of Edinburgh,Scotland last month when we were there for holidays. The SandemanMan free tour is the best service for anyone who may not have much time to tour the city.
    Pls.reply as soon as you can with a time schedule.
    Thank you, Kenny

  2. admin says:

    Hi Kenny!

    This is not Sandeman’s official website. This is just a personal blog.
    If you want to check out their website, please go to

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