Meeting Paris in Venice

What are the chances to meet Paris Hilton when you travel by train around Europe? I really don’t know :).

Back in 2006, in Venice, I met Paris Hilton. I was with my friend Iulian(half way our Interrail Adventure) and Paris was with a girl friend and a bunch of bodyguards. The meeting took place in Piazza San Marco.

Unfortunately, she didn’t notice us, but we sure did notice her :))). And managed to capture a few pics, too.


After a few years, going through these photos with some friends, I’ve found out that the girl next to Paris was no other than Kim Kardashian.   How cool is that? Too bad that Kim has her eyes closed in the photo.


Get your Interrail Pass, jump on the first train and go to Venice! If you will not meet Paris Hilton you can comfort yourself by discovering one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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