Fish night in Brela

Every week during the summer season, Thursday or Friday evening, the locals of Brela organize a fish barbecue down on the main docs. The fishermen catch the fish during the day and in the evening they take out the grills.

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It’s a fun evening where tourists and locals come together, with many attractions and most important, with delicious fresh fish.

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You can choose between grilled squid, grilled mackerel, shark or tuna steak. I recommend the tuna steak. It’s absolutely the best.

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But you can always try a little bit of everything. The price is nothing compared to a fish menu in a regular restaurant(only 40Kuna/5Euros a piece ).

If you happen to be in Brela for a few days, remember to ask about the fish night.

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You might see some fireworks on the sea,
you might hear a live band singing local music,
but you will definitely eat the best fish barbeque ever!

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