Bucegi Mountains – Romania

Bucegi National Park, Romania.

This is were I spent this last weekend. Two full days of outdoor and fresh air.

I’ve finally met the Sphinx and the Babele, two megaliths, shaped entirely by the wind and the rain, that are the symbols of the Bucegi mountains.

These rocks are placed  on the Bucegi plateau, at an altitude of 2216m and only 10minutes walk from each other.


You can get on the plateau from Buşteni(two hours drive from Bucharest). You can choose to go up with the cable car, or if you feel up to it, by foot, coming through Valea Jepilor (Juniper Valley) ( about 1300m  of climb).

The Omu Peak

From the Sphinx you’re only two hours away from the highest peak of these mountains: Omu Peak, 2507m.  It’s a medium climb, no gear necessary, only decent boots.

The view along this route is just outstanding and once you get to the top, you’ll find Omu chalet, where you can reward yourself with a hot delicious soup. The secret of this soup is that you’ll be so hungry that everything will seem the best.


From Omu Peak there are different routes to descend. At least three I think. We chose to descend through a glacier bucket.

This bucket is a well known place were you can spot  black goats.  We were lucky enough to spot more tha a few.

We spent the night at Malaiesti chalet,  located  just at the bottom of the glacier bucket(about 1700m), no more than 3hours from Omu Peak.

From Malaiesti there’s a 5hours descending route , through the forest, down to Gura Diham. And from there, you can take a bus for 5km to get back to Buşteni.

If you love the mountain and never been to Bucegi National Park, start planning your trip right now!

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