Are the free tours free?

All the “Free Tours” are actually based on tips.  So they can be FREE for two reasons:

  • if you are really cheap.
  • if the tour guide really sucks.

The tours based on tips(the “free tours”) are the best to take. These guides will give their best to make the tour interesting and entertaining. Their tip depends on it.

Just like Karel from Prague said: “If you’re in a candy shop, a paid tour is when you buy an expensive cake, you eat it and you have 50 – 50 chances you don’t like it.  A free tour is when you choose a cake, you eat it, you enjoy it and in the end, if you liked it, you pay  a little something. Witch one do you prefer? ”

The first time I took a free tour was in Madrid, a few years ago. It was Sandeman’s New Europe – Free Tour of Madrid. Best tour in town.

But not all free tours are great, just like not all paid tours are bad :).



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