Life is short, let’s travel more!

I am starting this blog to share some of my traveling stories around the world, throwing some tips and personal suggestions along the way. I also have a lot of photos to share.

Time and money
These are the essential ingredients. Many of us complain we don’t have the time and money to travel. But it is not true. It just that we prefer spending most of our paycheck on SHIT. We waste our money on stuff that we don’t really need. And we get out of the city 3-4 times a year.  These are the people that are missing out on life!

Set up your priorities
When you have priorities, everything becomes easier.

Organize your time

Travel more!
See new places. Meet new people. Taste different foods. Break the daily routine that tries to enslave us. You can find interesting places, relaxing, full of history as far as two hour drive from your location.

The first real money I’ve had ever earned(500Euros – i was 23) I spent it travelling one month around Europe. I’ve been to Budapest, Wien, Venice, Rome, Turin, Milan, Nice, Barcelona, Madrid and Paris. It was one of those life-changing experiences. Best investment I ever made.

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