Where I’ve been

My first travel adventure:  me and Lolo(a close friend), with 500Euros each, decided to visit Europe.  Thanks to the Interrail pass, during 24 days, we’ve been to Budapest, Wien, Venice, Rome, Turin, Milan, Nice, Barcelona, Madrid and Paris.  It was a real adventure.  We had no hotel bookings, no route, no plan… we just decided on the spot  the next city.

My second travel experience was not so good: 8 friends in two cars went to Athens, Greece to visit a fiend for a few days. Thesaloniki and Athens are wonderful cities, with rich history. But going 8 friends on a trip was not  a good idea.  The different opinions and personalities made this trip just unpleasant.

The third trip had a well established purpose: me and Lolo wanted to party at least one night at Oktoberfest, in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.  This was a car trip. In our way to Munich, we  managed to visit Bratislava, Prague,  Frankfurt.

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