Discover Europe by train with Interrail

My fist travel  adventure happened in 2006, i was only 22. Me and my friend Lolo traveled for 24days by train around Europe. Our  goal for this trip was to see  Turin, Milan, Rome,  Nice, Madrid and Paris.  But we ended up visiting so much more. We stopped for 2 days in Budapest, we visited Venice, Barcelona and Wien.

But how to travel to all these places? We had like 500Euros each.  It was impossible  with this budget.  We realized that we could only visit one or two cities with that kind of money.  And just then we came across this extraordinary offer: The InterRail Pass.
The InterRail Global Pass was exactly what we needed for our trip to happen. We paid 270Euro for a Pass.  One month of unlimited train travel within and between the countries we wanted to see.

Our adventure started on 19th October 2006, in Bucharest. The next day, at noon we were in Budapest… searching for accommodation.

Thanks to the Tourist information desk, whatever city your in,  you can find hostel information, prices and and free city maps. A Tourist Information Desk can be found in any big train station.  Once we got to a new city, this was always our first stop.   With the map and the list of hostels,  we searched the one that suited us best,  we checked in and went to discover the city.

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