Kingdom of Discovery

With this gallery I tried to capture every interesting moment that Kingdom of Discovery(Dalian – China) can offer.

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Kingdom of Discovery

Kingdom of Discovery Park lays on a 470.000 square meters property and it’s made up of six theme blocks:

Although I lived in the Park for a month, I never seen or paid for a ticket. But today I came across this guy’s blog, that visited Kingdom of Discovery in 2006.  He has some nice pics there, including one with the tickets:

At that time, the price for a ticket was 160RMB.   You can check out his Kingdom of Discovery experience here.

Besides all the rides and fun stuff that is available in the park all day long, there are a few special shows like “The Water Stage Show”, “The stunt show”, “The Parade”, “The Night Show” and “Romeo and Juliet”.

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What surprised me in China

I lived one month in China, near Dalian(in the Kingdom of Discovery Theme Park, 40min by train  from Dalian).

I’ve witnessed  a lot of stuff that surprised me, amused me, disgusted or scared me.

These are the top things that I remember:

  1. The Chinese are absolutely crazy about white people. This is the main reason that 90% of the Kingdom of Discovery’s entertainers are white – to attract Chinese people. And it works perfectly. I  was asked lots of times by the locals to take a picture with them. And I am not that good looking 🙂  .  The usual formula you’ll hear is “Can I make a take a picture with you?“.  Very, very funny :))).  This can happen anywhere … on the beach, on the street, in a restaurant. It makes you feel good about yourself. read more
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Shopping in Dalian

You will find 3-4type of malls and stores(boutiques) in Dalian(And maybe in all China):

First are the malls for the rich people, with original big brands, that have European prices. There, everything is very expensive.

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Dalian, China

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Kingdom of Discovery – The Parade

Kingdom of Discovery is a  Chinese Theme Park consisting of six theme blocks. It lays on a 470.000 square meters property and it is situated in Jin-shi-tan city, near Dalian.  From Dalian you can easily get there by train or car( about 50km).
The Kingdom of Discovery Parade :

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