Hungaria Guesthouse

UPDATE: Hungaria Guesthouse SUCKS

Hungaria Guesthouse” Hostel is the first and the only hostel I’ve stayed at in Budapest, Hungary.

We found this hostel on our first train trip around Europe( The InterRail Adventure), back in 2006.  Budapest was the first stop. Keleti train station.

Here is also where we first found out about the Tourist Information Desk.  We picked Hungaria GuestHouse from a long list of hostels. The guy at the desk called the hostel and we were all set.

We booked for 2nights, only 12Euros per night.

Every year, if I happen to pass through Budapest, I always stop at Hungaria Guesthouse for at least one night.

I recommend this hostel with full confidence. It’s perfect for couples and small groups on low budget. The staff is friendly, it’s clean, it’s real quiet and affordable.

Check Hungaria Guesthouse‘s website for more details and up to date accommodation prices.

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