Cats of Istanbul

Cats everywhere man!

Istanbul is THE cat paradise. And it’s also a paradise for all the ‘cat photographers’ out there. I need to confess that I’m one of them. In a 10 days vacation I gathered 1000 shots. More than 500 are, of course, with cats.

And all of them are just adorable. Fat, lazy, friendly and not a worry in the world.

You don’t need to look for cats in Istanbul, you just need to wonder the streets. On busy streets, not so busy streets, on terraces, in gardens and in parks. They’re everywhere. In gardens and parks is where we’ve seen entire cat families and a lot of kittens. These cats are not so friendly and do not get close to humans.

It was surprising to see that the locals take very good care of all the cats. There’s water bowls and cat food on just about every street corner. You don’t see that in other places.

The funniest places I’ve spotted a cat were on a supermarket shelf and in a bar, napping o a chair next to mine.

Important tip

Most of the cats are friendly and playful. My wife and I performed an intense study on this :).  One advice though: don’t try to pick them up! It’s the only thing they hate.

Bottom line is: You don’t need to look for cats in Istanbul, the cats will find you!


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