Pudong airport – Shanghai

My first step in China was in Shanghai, Pudong airport.   I flew with KLM from Amsterdam. It was a nine hour flight.

Impeccable services that included:

  • three meals;
  • deserts;
  • any kind of drinks(water, juice, coffee, milk, wine, wiskey, vodka and cocktails).
  • 12 music stations;
  • three or four relatively new movies;

I will definitely choose KLM again.

I never knew exactly the speed and the altitude a plane passenger can get, but I found out during that flight. At one point the plane had 970km/h speed, at 12000m altitude.

From Shanghai I had to fly to Dalian  and  I spend two hours in the airport waiting for the other flight.

Pudong airport is incredibly huge. It has two terminals. I had to take a bus from one terminal to the other.  A good thing is that most of the airport employees know English(I had to ask about 5-6 persons to get to my next flight and all knew enough English to understand my questions and to answer).

Here are a few inside pictures of the Pudong airport:

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2 Responses to Pudong airport – Shanghai

  1. shopgirl says:


    please answer me on my email or blog.
    Im going with KLM to shanghai in a week and was wondering if they had personal tv’s when you travelled with them, if they don’t i dont know how to entertain myself 🙁

    even with the delicious food, hehe

  2. George says:

    They might have personal TV’s on business class. I went with economic 🙂

    With the economic class you can see only the movies that they play. And they have a few movies(3-4 movies) that you can see(and I already had seen them). I remember they played the movie “The bucket list” and “Fool’s Gold”. I don’t remember the others. The bad thing was that when I returned(after a month), they had the same movies. So the trip back was pretty boring. But the wine was O.K. :p
    They also have about 12 music channels.
    Hope this is of some help to you.

    Have fun in Shanghai.

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