Kingdom of Discovery

Kingdom of Discovery Park lays on a 470.000 square meters property and it’s made up of six theme blocks:

Although I lived in the Park for a month, I never seen or paid for a ticket. But today I came across this guy’s blog, that visited Kingdom of Discovery in 2006.  He has some nice pics there, including one with the tickets:

At that time, the price for a ticket was 160RMB.   You can check out his Kingdom of Discovery experience here.

Besides all the rides and fun stuff that is available in the park all day long, there are a few special shows like “The Water Stage Show”, “The stunt show”, “The Parade”, “The Night Show” and “Romeo and Juliet”.

The first show starts at 10.30a.m.  It is called the “Water Stage Show”. A few girls, a few costumes and a few good dances.

Next is The stunt show. The show runs four times a day, everyday(except Tuesdays),  the first one starts at 11.00a.m.  and the last one at 04.00pm. It’s a parody,  very funny. The show has a lot of great stunts: car stunts, motorcycle stunts, high jumps, explosions and fire stunts.

At 14.00 starts the Kingdom of Discovery Parade.

Around 16.00 there’s a special show. During the time I was there, in July, they made the “Water show”. Something similar to the Parade, but with a lot of water … The girls in the show are dressed as mermaids, have water guns and are shooting at people. You can buy a water gun and start shooting back. At one point, everybody is watering everybody. This is the reason I have no pictures with this show.  So keep your gadgets safe.

At night, there are two shows. Five nights a week there’s the Night Show. It has clowns, Shaolin priests demonstration, nice dances(traditional dances, break dance, pop dances) and many more. The song in the end of this show is great … Irene Cara – Fame. I love it.

Of course, the show ends with fireworks.  And a special moment, due to the Olympic Games that were about to start in Beijing:

The other show is called “Romeo and Juliet”. This show runs in the Castle, only 2days a week(on weekends, when is more crowded). This is the best Kingdom of Discovery dance show. There’s lots of dances and entertaining moments.

In the end of this show there’s a little disco moment … the band starts singing and everybody comes on the stage and starts dancing.

Besides all this, Kingdom of Discovery has a live band that sings 4-5times a day(in the Castle Zone).

There is also a real church in the park and some people go there to get married.

So, if you get to Dalian anytime soon, don’t hesitate to visit Kingdom of Discovery.  You’ll have a full day of fun!

Check out the full Kingdom of Discovery Photo Gallery

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