Kingdom of Discovery – The Stunt Show

One of the main attractions in Kingdom of Discovery park is the Stunt Show.

It is called “The Great Diamond Heist”.

The show runs four times a day, everyday(except Tuesdays),  the first one starts at 11.00a.m.  and the last one at 4.30pm. (I hope I remember the hours right).

It’s a parody,  very funny. The show has a lot of great stunts: car stunts, motorcycle stunts, high jumps, explosions and fire stunts. The cast is made up of people coming from all around the world: Ukraine, Germany, Romania(my cousin), The United States and Australia.

I think I saw this show about 30 – 40 times in the month I stayed there. My cousin played a part in the show and I used to go to the set almost every day, before the last show. I never got bored of it.

All great guys. I had the pleasure to meet them personally.

If you ever get to Dalian and you want to visit  Kingdom of Discovery, don’t miss the stunt show(so, avoid going Tuesdays).

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