Kingdom of Discovery rides

The biggest adrenaline rush you can get in Kingdom of Discovery Theme Park is by taking a ride in the Montagne Russe. It is pretty big, it’s very fast(maybe too fast) and it’s way bumpy and rigid …  If you’re into it, you must try it at least one time.

What ever you do, stay away from this ride:

It’s probably best to avoid it.

Another interesting ride in the park is the water ride:

But the ride itself is nothing compared to the experience of getting splashed in the face when the boat reaches the end of the slide.  In front of the water slide starts the queue for this ride and there’s a glass wall and the water splashes the glass. You can easily go in front of the glass and stand right in front of the splash.

Even though it does not seem dangerous, that splash is very powerful. The second time we did this(the second video), one of the guys was actually thrown in the glass wall behind and hit his head.

Here you can see my entire Kingdom of Discovery Gallery

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  1. Tori says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! YEAY! you can see Tim getting back up on the second one!! 🙂 i had a ton of fun with you!

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