Chinese cuisine – Evening barbecue

I lived for an entire month in Kingdom of Discovery Theme Park, close to a small city, Jin-shi-tan, located at 50Km from Dalian. During this time, I had the chance to discover a little bit of the Chinese cuisine. The Dalian area is part of Liaoning province(the most famous Northeastern Chinese cuisine).

Almost every evening I went to the city for dinner. Although there were some decent restaurants in the city, in the evening everyone was eating barbecue on the street. The sidewalks on the main street were packed with people and barbecue grills.
I called it “the evening feast”.

My favorite dish was the Barbecued lamb sticks. Extra spicy. One stick was 1yuan(0.1 euros).
I tried all types of Barbecued sticks(chicken, beef, pork), I tried different types of grilled fish and squid. All delicious.

Here’s what I didn’t try:

But let’s not forget the delicious and nutritious worms:

After all this spicy food nothing goes better than a cold beer. The beer was incredibly cheap. Only 15yuani(1.5Euro) for a 9pack. And it was a decent beer. But it was always warm. No space for drinks in the  small refrigerators.

Here’s what you can choose from at the evening barbecue:

This video cost me about 3Euros.  While I was filming, I left my bag besides me, on the ground. By the time I finished the video, the bag was gone. :(((.

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