Meeting Paris in Venice

What are the chances to meet Paris Hilton when you travel by train around Europe? I really don’t know :).

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Visit Budapest in 2 days

The first stop of my  “InterRail adventure” was Budapest, the capital of Hungary.  An amazing city.

We got off the train(  Keleti train station ), we went to the “Tourist Information” desk and booked for two nights at Hungaria GuestHouse hostel, just a few blocks from the train station.  It was the perfect hostel: clean, quiet, friendly staff and only 12.5 Euros per night.

Two days are barely enough to see Budapest.  To get the best experience here’s my Budapest Sightseeing Guide: read more

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Athens – Part II

The second part of my trip to Greece begins in the evening. Athens has a very busy nightlife.   Thassos took us to a club, I don’t remember the name, but it was one of the best clubs ever. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from that night, but I had a great time. The best thing about it was it’s location … right on the beach … Other stuff i remember: beautiful girls, the sea, clear sky, Absolut vodka with orange juice, sand. I think the music was ok too. read more

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We stayed in Athens for three days at a very good friend of ours, Thassos.

He has a big apartment on the last floor of a building, with a very nice terrace. Great place to throw a party or just to chill. Here’s the view:

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Travel to Greece by car

As I was saying in my previous post, I visited Greece last year, with a few of my friends. It was a short and an unplanned trip. We decided over night to go and visit a good friend of ours that lives in Athens, we gathered a few friends, jumped in the cars and left. We were nine people and two cars.

It was the perfect context for an awesome travel adventure.  Too bad we could only stay for 3days.

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Visit Amsterdam in 7 hours

I landed in Amsterdam, Schiphol airport at 7.50 A.M.

Flying to Amsterdam with KLM

This was my first flight ever, Bucharest – Amsterdam, with the KLM company.  I was on my way to Shanghai.  But my next flight was at 15.45, so I had about 6-7 hours to kill.

I decided to try to visit Amsterdam. I was hopping at least to have a walk on the red light district.

So, I went to a Tourist Information desk to ask some information.

What you need to know:

  • You can get from Schiphol airport to the touristic center of the city by train.
  • Every 15minutes a train is leaving for the Centraal Station.
  • You can buy train tickets from the ticket machines in front of the airport train station.
  • The ticket was 6.40Euro(to the center and back).
  • From the airport you can get to the center in just 25 minutes.
  • At the Tourist Information desk you can buy a map of the city for  2Euro.

I bought a map, I bought the train ticket and  in 30 minutest I was in the center of Amsterdam. read more

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I am going to China

I can’t belive it … In two days I am going to China. I have been planning this trip for 3 months. Getting the Visa was a little tricky( it should be almost a formality,  but now, with the Olympic Games and all, the Chinese embassy  is way more strict  )   , but everything is set!

So what do you need to do if you want to visit China ?

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Discover Europe by train with Interrail

My fist travel  adventure happened in 2006, i was only 22. Me and my friend Lolo traveled for 24days by train around Europe. Our  goal for this trip was to see  Turin, Milan, Rome,  Nice, Madrid and Paris.  But we ended up visiting so much more. We stopped for 2 days in Budapest, we visited Venice, Barcelona and Wien.

But how to travel to all these places? We had like 500Euros each.  It was impossible  with this budget.  We realized that we could only visit one or two cities with that kind of money.  And just then we came across this extraordinary offer: The InterRail Pass.
The InterRail Global Pass was exactly what we needed for our trip to happen. We paid 270Euro for a Pass.  One month of unlimited train travel within and between the countries we wanted to see.

Our adventure started on 19th October 2006, in Bucharest. The next day, at noon we were in Budapest… searching for accommodation.

Thanks to the Tourist information desk, whatever city your in,  you can find hostel information, prices and and free city maps. A Tourist Information Desk can be found in any big train station.  Once we got to a new city, this was always our first stop.   With the map and the list of hostels,  we searched the one that suited us best,  we checked in and went to discover the city.

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Where I’ve been

My first travel adventure:  me and Lolo(a close friend), with 500Euros each, decided to visit Europe.  Thanks to the Interrail pass, during 24 days, we’ve been to Budapest, Wien, Venice, Rome, Turin, Milan, Nice, Barcelona, Madrid and Paris.  It was a real adventure.  We had no hotel bookings, no route, no plan… we just decided on the spot  the next city.

My second travel experience was not so good: 8 friends in two cars went to Athens, Greece to visit a fiend for a few days. Thesaloniki and Athens are wonderful cities, with rich history. But going 8 friends on a trip was not  a good idea.  The different opinions and personalities made this trip just unpleasant.

The third trip had a well established purpose: me and Lolo wanted to party at least one night at Oktoberfest, in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.  This was a car trip. In our way to Munich, we  managed to visit Bratislava, Prague,  Frankfurt.

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Life is short, let’s travel more!

I am starting this blog to share some of my traveling stories around the world, throwing some tips and personal suggestions along the way. I also have a lot of photos to share.

Time and money
These are the essential ingredients. Many of us complain we don’t have the time and money to travel. But it is not true. It just that we prefer spending most of our paycheck on SHIT. We waste our money on stuff that we don’t really need. And we get out of the city 3-4 times a year.  These are the people that are missing out on life!

Set up your priorities
When you have priorities, everything becomes easier.

Organize your time

Travel more!
See new places. Meet new people. Taste different foods. Break the daily routine that tries to enslave us. You can find interesting places, relaxing, full of history as far as two hour drive from your location.

The first real money I’ve had ever earned(500Euros – i was 23) I spent it travelling one month around Europe. I’ve been to Budapest, Wien, Venice, Rome, Turin, Milan, Nice, Barcelona, Madrid and Paris. It was one of those life-changing experiences. Best investment I ever made.

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