Hungaria Guesthouse Sucks

Big time.

I don’t know if this was my 5th or my 6th time I’ve stayed at Hungaria Guesthouse, but I know it was the last time.

Knowing the hostel for 6 six years, I just checked the website, called and made a reservation for three nights. On the website, the price was 23Euros/night for a double room.

This is how the staff/manager of Hungaria Guesthouse hostel treated a 6years loyal guest:

  1. On the second day, they woke us up at 9 a.m. and told us that they overbooked(by mistake) some guests for the next night and that we can’t stay stay there anymore.
  2. They made a reservation for us to another hostel/pension in Budapest not knowing the price for the new place and not even offering to cover the difference.
  3. Before paying for the two nights, they told us that the price was actually 28Euros/night, not 23Euros as listed on the website. Because their webmaster was on vacation for a few weeks, the real prices were not updated on the website yet. Of course no one bothered to mention this over those two days, or at the time I’ve made the booking.
  4. No receipt was given.
  5. They offered us 2.5 Euros to cover the gas for the transfer to the other pension.
  6. The other pension was 33Euros/night for a double room.

Overall, we’ve lost a few euros from our pockets, a few hours from our vacations and a lot of nerves.

This is why I write it in bold, Hungaria Guesthouse Sucks

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Hostel Casa Vecchia – Brela, Croatia

Casa Veccchia is certainly the best hostel in Croatia. It’s located in Brela, on the main road, between Split and Makarska(50km from Split and 10km from Makarska). My rating for this hostel is a clean 100%.

First time I’ve stayed at Casa Vecchia was 5 years ago, just after it had opened. We were backpacking from Pula to Dubrovnik, along the seaside, and found this hostel by accident. We just wanted to stop for one night to take a shower and have a good sleep, but we’ve ended up staying for three nights. And it happened to be the best three days of our trip. Since then, every year we plan a 10days trip to Brela. read more

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Pop Hostel, Madrid – Review

Located near the center of Madrid, about 15 minutes walk from Puerta del Sol,  Pop Hostel is a good choice for any backpacker traveling on the budget.

I’ve been in Madrid for 4 days, this October, with my girlfriend.

We found Pop Hostel  on  We got convinced by the low price and the high rating( 77%) and we’ve booked a double room for three nights.  read more

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Tryp Diana, Madrid – Hotel Review

Tryp Diana is a four stars hotel located near the Barajas Airport, Madrid.

Our experience with Tryp Diana Hotel was kind of limited:  check in, shower, sleep, check-out.  Our plane landed on Barajas Airport late at night(about 1.30 a.m.) and that’s why we decided to spent that night at a hotel near the airport. We’ve checked out at 10.00 a.m. read more

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