Cats of Istanbul

Cats everywhere man!

Istanbul is THE cat paradise. And it’s also a paradise for all the ‘cat photographers’ out there. I need to confess that I’m one of them. In a 10 days vacation I gathered 1000 shots. More than 500 are, of course, with cats. read more

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Are the free tours free?

All the “Free Tours” are actually based on tips.  So they can be FREE for two reasons:

  • if you are really cheap.
  • if the tour guide really sucks.

The tours based on tips(the “free tours”) are the best to take. These guides will give their best to make the tour interesting and entertaining. Their tip depends on it. read more

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I miss the summer in Brela

I just realized that I’m a summer person. The colder it gets the more I miss it!

I miss the hot sun, the crystal clear sea, the hot rocks, the fish barbecue. I miss Brela.


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Sandeman’s New Europe Walking Tours

Only recently I’ve started taking tours. I had some boring experiences in the past and I’ve ended up considering guided tours just a waste of time and money.

But last year, in Madrid, everything changed. We’ve found Sandeman’s New Europe Tours by browsing TripAdvisor and, based on the great reviews, we decided to take a tour with them.

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The crowded squares of Prague

The perfect place to chill – Bohemian style!

Prague has some of the most crowded squares I’ve ever seen. This city is packed with tourists 12 months a year. By far, the busiest of them all is the Old Town Square.

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Hop on hop off in Budapest

If you’re in Budapest only for a few days and you want to make the most of it, the Hop on Hop off tours are the best way to go!

You can find tickets online or on the spot.  There are many ticket shops near Elisabeth Bridge and along Váci utca.  Or you can just hop on a bus and buy tickets from the guides. The prices vary from around 10 to 24Euros per person. And usually a tour ticket is valid for two days(48hours). read more

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Statue of Felipe III – Madrid

Every new city we visit, we admire and photograph impressive buildings, monuments and statues. But we learn too little about their story. And we easily forget it… In the end, only two or three stick. Right?

The story of the Statue of Felipe III is one of them.

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Shoes on the Danube Promenade

Walking along the Danube promenade, on the Pest Side, we’ve run into one of the most touching memorials we’ve seen, the Shoes on the Danube Promenade. The monument is placed on the Danube’s embankment and it honors the Jewish victims that were shot into the Danube by the Arrow Cross militiamen in Budapest, 1944-1945.

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The Bridges of Budapest

This year I visited Budapest for the fourth time, but it’s the first time I’ve learned about it’s history.

Personally, I was really impressed by the history of the bridges of Budapest. Did you know that Budapest has ten bridges that cross the Danube, linking Buda and Pest? And did you know that all of these bridges were destroyed by the German army during World War II?

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Hungaria Guesthouse Sucks

Big time.

I don’t know if this was my 5th or my 6th time I’ve stayed at Hungaria Guesthouse, but I know it was the last time.

Knowing the hostel for 6 six years, I just checked the website, called and made a reservation for three nights. On the website, the price was 23Euros/night for a double room.

This is how the staff/manager of Hungaria Guesthouse hostel treated a 6years loyal guest:

  1. On the second day, they woke us up at 9 a.m. and told us that they overbooked(by mistake) some guests for the next night and that we can’t stay stay there anymore.
  2. They made a reservation for us to another hostel/pension in Budapest not knowing the price for the new place and not even offering to cover the difference.
  3. Before paying for the two nights, they told us that the price was actually 28Euros/night, not 23Euros as listed on the website. Because their webmaster was on vacation for a few weeks, the real prices were not updated on the website yet. Of course no one bothered to mention this over those two days, or at the time I’ve made the booking.
  4. No receipt was given.
  5. They offered us 2.5 Euros to cover the gas for the transfer to the other pension.
  6. The other pension was 33Euros/night for a double room.

Overall, we’ve lost a few euros from our pockets, a few hours from our vacations and a lot of nerves.

This is why I write it in bold, Hungaria Guesthouse Sucks

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